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Clean Birth Kit Donation

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The Clean Birth Kits are a simple and effective tool for basic infection prevention and first-line childbirth care.

Each component has been selected to support the 6 principles of cleanliness at birth for mothers, newborns and birth attendants in high-risk and emergency settings.

The Kit works to reduce infections at high-risk moments of care during labour, birth and immediately post-birth for the mother, newborn and birth attendant.

The 6 disposable components of the Kit include: 

  1. Soap to wash the birth attendant’s hands and the mother’s perineum
  2. Biodegradable plastic sheet to prevent the mother and newborn coming into contact with an unhygienic surface
  3. Gloves to cover the birth attendant’s hands and provide protection from infections such as HIV
  4. Gauze to clean the mother’s perineum prior to birth, and wipe the newborn baby’s eyes
  5. Cord tie to cleanly tie the umbilical cord
  6. Sterile blade to cut the umbilical cord and reduce risk of newborn tetanus and sepsis.

A $5 donation gets a kit packed and distributed to an expectant mother.

This includes all materials in the Kit, costs associated with assembly, warehousing and freight of kits, plus the overall program management inclusive of monitoring and evaluation. 

The Clean Birth Kits are also environmentally friendly! Both the plastic bag and the plastic sheet are biodegradable in microbe-rich environments, such as landfill.

For every Clean Birth Kit donated by customers, The Mamawise Store/Kristin Beckedahl will match this donation one-for-one! 

Read more about Kristin's involvement with the Birthing Kit Foundation (since 2015) here.

Read more about the Clean Birth Kit initiative here or see 

Please consider adding this simple, but extremely worthwhile donation to your order as you check out.

Thank you 🤎