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Cord Care

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Herbal Powder Spray (10gm)

Why it's loved

After your baby's cord has been clamped and cut, a cord 'stump' is left.

This needs to dry out, heal and eventually fall off to reveal your baby's beautiful belly button. 

Keeping this cord stump clean and dry helps this process.

Otherwise it may develop redness, oozing, irritation and a potential infection.

The Cord Care powder spray helps create quick healing and beautiful navels!

It does this without the use of harsh chemicals or alcohol-based products. It's made specifically for a baby's fresh and sensitive skin.

Anecdotal evidence shows that cord stumps that had these herbs used on them fell off around Day 3 as opposed to the standard 1-2 weeks! 

What is it?

Cord Care is a powder spray containing a unique blend of herbs.

Combined, these herbs have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and skin healing properties.

They work together to help dry, disinfect and protect baby's cord as it heals. 

10gm Powder Spray

What's in it and why?

100% Organic Blend:

Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) Flower
Melia azadirachtam (Neem) Leaf
Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower
Commiphora molmol (Myrrh)


Chamomile: The flowers contain antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Externally this herb helps to expedite wound healing, especially mucky wounds.

Neem: Used extensively in Ayurvedic Medicine for the treatment of inflammation, infections and skin diseases. Has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties. 

Lavender: The flowers are used for their active volatile oil. This helps with all external wound healing whilst stemming any active skin infections that may be hindering this. 

Myrrh: The gum resin contains antimicrobial, astringent and skin healing properties. Helps support the body's natural processes of defence whilst having a direct antimicrobial effect at the same time. 

How to use

Apply liberally to cord area at each nappy change.

Continue use until cord falls off and has finishes healing completely.

All the while your baby will smell even more lovely!

For external use only.

Tip: Keep any leftover Cord Care to use on any skin cuts/abrasions.

Pair with

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Key features

Formulated by a Naturopath and Doula

Contains 100% certified organic and
non-irradiated herbs

Safe for baby      

Free from alcohol and chemicals

Free from artificial fragrances and colours

Free from fillers and preservatives

Handcrafted in small batch production 

Recyclable packaging

Expiry: 18 months after opening

Making beautiful belly buttons!

Anecdotal evidence shows that cord stumps that had herbs used on them fell off around Day 3 as opposed to the standard 1-2 weeks! 

"This powder spray is amazing. Two different midwives made a point of commenting how well my son's cord stump had healed. After it came off I used the powder for a bit more to dry out the last bit. Magical stuff! Thank you Kristin!"