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Peri Wash Bottle

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Why it's loved

The Peri Wash Bottle takes both the sting and the mess out of postpartum.

Designed to be used upside down, the angled nozzle delivers a continuous and soft stream of soothing relief to all the right areas.

Basically, don't visit the bathroom - after just having had baby - without it!

It's perfect to use instead of harsh toilet paper.

Helps dilute urine flow to take the sting out of sensitive stitches or tears.

Helps keep the area clean to aid quick healing.

Helps to freshen up in between pad changes.

Also great for limited mobility after a caesarean birth.

Can be used with plain water, salted water or as a herbal wash made from the Peri Herb Bags.

It's compact, discreet and portable and comes with a waterproof storage bag.

Suitable for everyday use during those early days and weeks postpartum.

How to use

1. Fill with water: warm, cool or herbal.

2. Screw cap on and extend nozzle firmly.

3. Invert the bottle, aiming towards the desired areas. Can be used in the shower or over the toilet.

4. Squeeze/release the bottle to control water pressure and flow. Repeat as desired.

5. Gently pat area dry.

Tip: Flush water over the sensitive areas before, during and after urination to dilute the sting.

Pair with

Use with the Peri Herb Bags for a soothing, cleansing herbal rinse of the area. Purchase together and save.

Finish off toilet visits by spritzing with the Peri Spray directly to affected areas. Purchase together and save.

Use alongside prepared frozen padsicles made with the Padsicle Gel.

Key features

Upside down, ergonomic design

Continuous soft flow through 12-hole, angled nozzle

For use over the toilet and/or in shower

Replaces harsh toilet paper

Washes away postpartum lochia

Keeps area clean to aid healing

Use with water or Peri Herb Bags

Use alongside the Peri Spray

Great for limited mobility after caesarean

Compact, discreet and portable

Retractable nozzle and waterproof bag

BPA-free, recyclable plastic

Keep to use on baby's bottom or for toddler's water play!