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After Pains Relief

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 Liquid Herbal Formula (50ml)

Why it's loved

After you've birthed your baby - and then your placenta - your uterus needs to adjust.

It begins the slow and steady work of contracting back down to pre-pregnancy size. This is called involution.

This process also helps curb postnatal blood loss from where the placenta was. 

For mums, this process is felt as 'afterpains' or involution pains.

Similar to menstrual cramps they can vary in intensity, from mild to very strong.

They're typically worse during breastfeeding, due to the release of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone has a direct effect on the uterus, making it contract.

Unfortunately, afterpains tend to get progressively worse after each baby!

They begin around 12 hours after birth and are usually the strongest within the first 24-36 hours.

They typically continue for the first 72 hours, but some mums feel them lingering for 5-7 days after birth.  

After Pains Relief is a liquid herbal extract that provides just that - relief from the cramping.

It's breastfeeding safe and suitable for mamas after vaginal or caesarean births.

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What is it?

After Pains Relief is a herbal extract blend formulated by a Naturopath and Doula.

It contains a blend of carefully selected antispasmodic and muscle relaxant herbs.

These herbs have properties that are aimed at the smooth muscles of the uterus for involution (after) pains.

It's designed to be taken from the day of the birth and throughout the first week.

After Pains Relief contains alcohol based extractions of the herbs. This creates a high potency preparation with high absorbency and fast-acting medicinal properties.

Given that only a very small/negligible amount of alcohol is consumed, it remains a very safe and effective way of using herbs.

Breastfeeding safe formula.


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What's in it & why?

Contains liquid herbal extracts of: 

Viburnum opulus (Cramp Bark)
Viburnum prunifolium (Black Haw)
Leonurus cardiaca (Motherwort)


Cramp Bark: The name of this herb gives away its primary use! It helps ease tension and cramping within the uterine muscle.

Black Haw: One of the best relaxant herbs for the smooth muscle of the uterus. Has both antispasmodic and gentle sedative properties.

Motherwort: Supports the body after birth, as the name suggests. Helps tone the uterus throughout involution, reduces blood loss and alleviates the intensity of after pains.


How to use

Pack the After Pains Relief in your hospital bag or have as part of your postpartum care kit.

It can be used after a vaginal or caesarean birth.

Begin on the day of the birth and continue as needed.

Best taken before anticipated breastfeeds. 

Suggested use: 20-40 drops diluted in a little water or juice, 4-6 hourly.

Breastfeeding safe, when taken as directed. 

The 50ml bottle is enough to last up to 1 week, dose-dependent. 

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Pair with

This may be taken alongside, or followed by the Baby Moon Herbal Extract

This herbal extract is part of the Naturopath's Birth & Postpartum Herbal Pack

Have the essential Peri Spray on hand to soothe your tender birthing bits.

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Key features

Formulated by a Naturopath and Doula   

Breastfeeding safe when taken as directed

Contains Australian manufactured premium quality liquid herbal extracts

Free from caffeine and gluten

Free from fillers and preservatives

Dispensed to order

Recyclable/reusable glass packaging

Expiry: 12 months after opening

How do these herbs help with after pains contractions?

Cramp Bark and Black Haw are two herbs with an affinity for the smooth muscle of the uterus. They both help ease tension and cramping within the uterine muscle, without interfering with the natural process of involution.

"This product was an absolute essential, I started using it right after delivery and instantly could tell the difference in pain level when taking it. It has a pleasant taste, and it worked better than taking Panadol and Nurofen. I couldn’t live without it in the first week. Definitely recommend."