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Naturopath's Birth & Postpartum Herbal Pack

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Set of 4 Herbal Extracts

Why its loved

This Naturopath formulated set of 4 herbal extracts covers late pregnancy prep for labour (Labour Prep & Labour Ready) and supports the physical recovery and hormonal transition of postpartum (After Pains Relief & Baby Moon).

Purchase the set and save.

These herbal extracts may also be purchased individually.

What is it?

The Herbal Pack includes:

1 x Labour Prep (200ml)

1 x Labour Ready (200ml)

1 x After Pains Relief (50ml)

1 x Baby Moon (200ml)

How to use

Labour Prep is designed to be taken from 34 to 38 weeks of pregnancy.

Labour Ready is designed to be taken from 38 weeks to 40 weeks.

After Pains Relief may be used from day of the birth.

Baby Moon may also be used from day of the birth.

*Please see the individual products for more details*

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Safety & considerations

As a Naturopath working closely with pregnant and birthing women (as a Doula) I've used these herbal formulas with clients for over 20 years with no issues.

However, Labour Prep & Labour Ready are not recommended for pregnant women with the following circumstances: 

• History of pregnancy loss and/or preterm birth
• High blood pressure
• High risk pregnancy
• Ongoing and underlying medical issues

Contains alcohol: Herbal tinctures by definition contain alcohol due to the extraction method used in their manufacture. Given that with each dose only a very small/negligible amount of alcohol is consumed, they still remain a very safe and effective way of using herbs in late pregnancy, when taken as directed.

Completing the questionnaire will help determine the suitability of Naturopath's Birth & Postpartum Herbal Pack for you.


Due to the nature of this product, this questionnaire must be completed when you place an order for this product.

This ensures the herbs within the formula/s are suitable for you and your individual situation.

If you don't complete this questionnaire your order cannot be dispensed.

If the herbal extracts are deemed unsuitable, or there is any uncertainty of compatibility to your individual situation, you will be notified.

Pair with

Can be used alongside either the Raspberry Leaf Tea (from 32 weeks) or Birth Ready Herbal Tea (from 36 weeks).

Read the blog: Using Herbs to Prepare for Birth

You can't go past having the Peri Spray on hand to soothe your tender birthing bits.

The Baby Moon Herbal Extract may be continued on throughout the first 2, 4 or 6 weeks postpartum, then you may move on to Revitalise. 

The Revitalise Postpartum Tonic is a botanical blend of Reishi and 3 herbs to help restore vitality to both body and mind during the first 12 months after birth. It's breastfeeding safe and suitable for long-term use.

Key features

All formulated by a Naturopath and Doula

Contains Australian manufactured premium quality liquid herbal extracts

Labour Prep and Labour Ready are pregnancy safe when taken as directed

After Pains Relief and Baby Moon are breastfeeding safe when taken as directed

Free from caffeine and gluten

Free from fillers and preservatives

Dispensed to order

Recyclable/reusable glass packaging

Expiry: 12 months after opening

What is a herbal extract?

Also known as a herbal tincture, a herbal extract is an alcohol base extraction of the herb.

This extraction method results in a high potency preparation, with high absorbency and fast-acting properties. This means you don't need to take much to get the medicinal effect.

When formulated correctly and taken as directed, herbal extracts are safe to use in late pregnancy and postpartum.