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Energy & Electrolyte Powder (180gm)

Why its loved

Labour is hard, physical work. It's definitely a marathon and not a sprint. Remember, the uterus is one big muscle. Working hour after hour.

Our body requires electrolytes for hydration and for muscle function. These are easily lost through sweating and vomiting - two things common in labour.

Staying hydrated and fuelled during labour can make the world of difference to your stamina, and your labour's progress and/or the need for interventions.

As a doula I've seen firsthand the difference it makes to both physical and mental resolve. 

Women who are dehydrated and low in energy often experience a slowing or stalling of their labour. They then typically receive IV fluids and other interventions often follow.

Did you know your body can't be adequately hydrated on water alone? It needs electrolytes as well.

Enter Labourade!

With a base of coconut water (also known as nature's Gatorade) this on its own supplies 5 key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Coconut water has more potassium than 1 banana or 15 sports drinks! It also has an osmolality identical to our own blood, meaning it's super hydrating and helps our body actually absorb the water it's taking on.

The generous 180gm pack makes 6 litres of Labourade drink. This is enough to last for a full 24 hours labour!

There are 12 servings per pack. Each serving is 15gm (scoop provided) into 500ml water.

What is it?

Labourade is a powder concentrate designed to be mixed with water and sipped on throughout labour.

It helps sustain energy, replace electrolytes and aid hydration during labour.

It's a blend of fruit powders, electrolytes, minerals and salt.

A 180gm pack of Labourade makes 6 litres of Labourade liquid.

It can also be made into frozen icy poles/ice blocks. These are good to suck or bite on during labour.

What's in it & why?


Freeze-Dried Organic Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Water Powder, Australian Ananas comosus (Pineapple) Fruit Powder, Australian Manuka Honey Powder, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate. Excipients: tapioca maltodextrin, anti-caking agent (silica)


Coconut water: Made from organic, freeze-dried coconut (Cocos nucifera), the powder reconstitutes to pure coconut water, free from any additives or fillers. It's wonderfully rich in 5 key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Pineapple: This adds a little fruity sweetness to the mix. It's made from premium Australian pineapple pulp that's dried using gentle, low temperature drying technology. 

Australian Manuka Honey: This provides an appreciated and quick energy boost.

Calcium and Magnesium: These two work together to aid efficient muscular contractions and to prevent muscle fatigue. Remember, your uterus is one big muscle!

The Magnesium is also supportive to bowel function after the birth, through its action as a mild laxative.

Himalayan Salt: This provides more than 60 trace minerals and plays an important role of balancing the stress hormones during physical activity. It also reduces adrenaline levels. Sodium is an electrolyte required for hydration, muscle function and is easily lost through sweating and vomiting - two things common in labour.

How to use

One serving is 1 scoop (provided) to 500ml water.

Sip throughout labour, aiming for 500ml every 2 hours.

Prior to labour you may also make up some Labourade ice cubes/icy poles to also use throughout labour.

Full instructions provided.

Any leftovers can also be used in postpartum - when those sweats kick in! Labourade is breastfeeding safe.

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Key features

Formulated by a Naturopath & Doula

Contains 12 servings to make 6 litres of Labourade - enough to last for a 24 hour labour, if need be!

Multiple uses: liquid, icy poles, ice cubes to use throughout labour

15gm measuring scoop provided

Contains organic, freeze-dried coconut water powder

Contains pineapple and honey powders created using gentle, low temperature drying technology

Contains bioavailable forms magnesium and calcium

Contains balanced electrolytes

A lightweight drink with a slight citrus flavour - can be used on its own or mixed with other drinks

Free from caffeine, gluten, dairy, soy and GMO

Also suitable in postpartum and/or as a refreshing electrolyte drink for the whole family

Pregnancy and breastfeeding safe

Handcrafted in small batch production 

Recyclable packaging

Expiry: 12 months after opening

Why is hydration and energy important during labour?

It can make the world of difference to your stamina, your labour's progress and/or the need for medical interventions.

Electrolytes and fluids are easily lost through sweating and vomiting - two things common in labour!

"I loved using the Labourade! I followed the suggestions and made ice cubes and ice sticks ahead of time, as well as drinking it during my labour. The flavour is mild and not overpowering or sickly sweet like other electrolyte drinks can be. I had some leftover that I used as a refreshing drink in my postpartum, especially on the hot summer days here! Definitely recommend."