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Mama's Milk - Herbal Tea

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Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (150gm)
 Approx. 75 serves

Why it's loved

Lots of new (and not so new) breastfeeding mums often worry whether their baby is getting enough milk. 

There's no doubt that breastmilk supply is dependent on many factors.

Yet, an age-old way to help support or increase supply is with herbs.

Herbs that help boost milk supply are called galactagogues (ga-lac-ta-gogs).

This word hails from the mid 19th century, from Greek gala, galakt- ‘milk’ + agōgos ‘leading’. 

Galactagogue herbs have a long history of use and are thought to work by increasing prolactin release.

Prolactin is a woman’s main breastmilk-producing hormone. It's released into the bloodstream in response to the sucking stimulus. 

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, 'galactagogues work best when breastmilk is being removed frequently and effectively from a mother’s breasts. When all factors contributing to a low supply have been identified and addressed, then galactagogues may help to speed up the process.'

What is it?

Mama's Milk is a 100% organic, loose leaf herbal tea blend.

It contains nourishing and galactagogue herbs.

These help support a plentiful milk supply and also help bring calm to a windy or colicky baby. The perfect combo!

Mama's Milk Herbal Tea is Fenugreek free.

150gm provides approx 75 serves:

At 3 cups per day - approx 25 days
At 4 cups per day - approx 18 days

What's in it and why?

Ingredients: 100% Organic Blend - Anethum graveolens (Dill) Seed, Carum carvi (Caraway) Seed, Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) Seed, Galega officinalis (Goat’s Rue) Herb, Moringa oleifera (Moringa) Leaf, Urtica dioica (Nettle) Leaf


Dill: An excellent herb for calming any wind or colic in baby. These antispasmodic properties pass through the breastmilk to baby.

Caraway: An aromatic seed used to increase milk supply. The carminative and antispasmodic effects also pass through to baby.

Fennel: The seeds help promote the let-down effect and provide anti-colic effects to baby via the milk.

Goat's Rue: A powerful galactagogue stimulating both the production and flow of breastmilk. It can increase milk output by up to 50% in some cases (Hoffmann, The New Holistic Herbal)

Moringa: A nutrient-dense herb with iron, calcium, vitamins A, E, K, magnesium amino acids and antioxidants. 

Nettle: Another highly nutritious herb, also with galactagogue properties. Rich in iron, calcium, vitamins C and, K, it helps nourish and rebuild after birth.

Why Fenugreek free? See the FAQ

How to use

Suitable for any stage of breastfeeding.

One serving is 1 teaspoon. Place loose herbs into a tea infuser, plunger or teapot. Cover with boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes. Strain and drink.

May be served warm or iced.

Drink 3-4 cups every 24 hours for maximum effect.

Suitable for any breastfeeding mother, at any stage of her breastfeeding experience.

May be used if there's been supply issues with a previous baby, or if needing to express on a regular basis e.g returning back to work.

Also recommended for those mamas who feel their supply cannot quite keep up with their baby's needs!

Not for use in pregnancy.

Pair with

Not a big tea drinker? Try the Mama's Milk - Herbal Extract or the Naturobest Lactation Support capsules instead.

If baby needs more tummy settling try the Windy Woes - Herbal Tea alongside Mama's Milk. Purchase both as a set and save. See the 'Options'.

Soothe worn out or cracked nipples with the Nip Stick.

Key features

Formulated by a Naturopath and Doula

Contains 100% certified organic and nonirradiated herbs

Safe for baby    

Caffeine free  

Fenugreek free

Gluten free

GMO free

Free from fillers and preservatives

Handcrafted in small batch production

Recyclable packaging

Expiry: 18 months after opening

Supply increase in less than 2 days:

"I noticed a significant increase in my supply after a day and half of drinking this tea. It is brilliant!! I will definitely be keeping a supply of this handy throughout my breastfeeding period."



"Absolutely love this tea! I was so worried about not having my milk come in quick enough for my baby but there was no need to worry with this herbal tea. My milk is plentiful and I'm only 9 days postpartum.

My milk flow increased within 1 to 2 days of drinking this tea. I'm extremely happy with it. I ordered another bag as soon as I noticed it worked. Also the smell and taste is so calming. I love how the bag seals up so easily to keep the tea fresh. Best part is everything natural and no nasties for you and baby. I highly recommend this product."